How it all started

A dad and his son standing at the top of a snowy mountain next to a large number 2

Genki Clothing Company is a brand new clothing company which combines a son’s love of fashion with his father’s love of Japan and all things Japanese.

Father, Mark was surprised when chatting to his son Josh over a curry one night as to how much he was spending on clothes. ‘I was shocked, my teenage son was spending a fortune on T-shirts which I, as his Dad, didn’t think were worth the money, and thus, an idea began to form’.

At Genki Clothing Company, we aim to design, produce and retail high quality clothing for teenagers at an affordable price, initially starting with T-shirts and adding to the range as we become more established.

‘Josh is my design and style guru – he tells me what he and his friends would wear and I’ve added my passion for Japan within the design. I hope you like what we have to offer.’